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Playgrounds are sophisticated constructions, which enable us to make experiences through interaction with others, to develop further, to learn. Read more


As in theater play we act on the stage of life every day, we are playing our roles and we often we like to put a lot of drama into them. Read more


We all have glasses on our nose, in a figurative sense. Everyone of us builds his own reality, based on its own experience. Read more


The stairs are a symbol for growing self awareness and self mastery. It starts with learning non-judgmental self observation. Read more


Sensing is very important in coaching. Coaching as far as I understand it, is not an analytical procedure. Read more


Individual coaching

Usually, a coaching process with Linarson includes the following steps. Read more

group work

Group work at Linarson helps persons to become a more balanced and professional person in his environment. Read more


Linarson is regularly invited to hold speeches in front of business communities. Read more



J'observe depuis un certain temps comment les managers roumains et étrangers perçoivent le monde dans lequel ils vivent. Chacun a sa vision à lui, et je suis surpris de voir comment les mêmes phénomènes peuvent être analysés et commentés diffé- remment. Certains pensent que la Roumanie va mal, d'autres disent d'abord qu'il y a des signes de reprise.
Chacun se construit sa réalité basée sur ses propres expériences, sa vision de la vie et ses conditionnements auxquels il est soumis...

What game is played in your company?


Romania – a path to personal development

I came to Romania in 1977 already, my parents decided to go for unusual winter sport locations and so we found ourselves in a Tarom flight to Bucharest. At that time I was only 14 and have never been so far into Eastern Europe before. What a strange moment when we arrived at the airport, soldiers everywhere, I understood that this is not Austria or Germany here. After a night in a big communist hotel we left for Poiana Brasov by bus and I only remember how dark everything was looking through the...
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