Michael Schroeder (born in 1963) has extensive international experience in operational management. He studied economics in Germany at the University of Münster and completed an MBA at the well-known business school ESCP in Paris. Parallel to this he finished his PhD about international media strategies at the University of Saarbrücken. In Paris, he worked 2 years as an assistant professor at ESCP in the fields of media, intercultural and interpersonal communication. The Transactional Analysis was an important element in his teachings. His professional career led him into television; he worked several years for European Television ARTE. His last position was Chief Adviser of the French and German CEOs; he used his diplomatic and communication skills to get French and German teams to work together more efficiently.

In 1999 he joined European Publisher Burda to work in Munich, Belgrade and finally Bucharest. First, he was working as an Advisor for Prof. Dr. Burda, a well known personality and leader in Germany. After participating in a green field operation in Serbia for a new company in Serbia, he became General Manager of Burda Romania in 2003. He transformed the company into one of the largest publishing houses with a staff of more than 150 employees and 20 launched magazines. Since the end of 2009 Michael has been active in personnel consulting and coaching first as Managing Partner of Stein&Partner, in 2012 with his own company, Linarson. He became a respected Business and Life Coach in his professional and private environment for managers with different cultural backgrounds.

During his international management experience he became particularly interested in interpersonal and intercultural communication, rhetoric training, authenticity, self-awareness and yoga. Michael has acquired specific training in the following fields:

Michael finds inspiration also in seminars and training concerning self awareness, energetic work and meditation. He is of German origin and speaks perfect English and French having also a good knowledge in Romanian, as he lives in Bucharest since 2003. Michael is regularly organizing group work and training for major international companies, for example rhetoric training, specific strategic or leadership topics. Recently, he is more focused on teaching self mastery to local and international managers and is a member of the International Coach Federation. He is also a certified transformational leadership coach with Alan Seale. In 2016, his book on Self Mastery for Managers came out in Germany, in 2019 in Romania (Excelenta personala pentru manageri).


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