Group work

Linarson also offers group work for managers in the field of communication, leadership and self awareness. At this stage four areas of intervention can be proposed to you.

I. Self mastery for managers: how to become more stable even in difficult times

Self Mastery is indispensable in our more and more complex world. Leadership research suggests that inner maturity will be one of the key factors of success. Especially during difficult periods in life or in leadership as we are in now, it is vital to rely on yourself and your inner balance. Linarson invites you to a journey to self awareness which will make you more conscious about yourself and the impact of your actions on others. During this 2 day training we firstly look inside of us, how we function from the inside out. We analyze together topics like: what does the ego do to me and others? What are my limiting beliefs and perceptions? What is my basic life scenario? What is real emotional intelligence about? During the second day we focus on how we can use this knowledge to navigate more successfully on our playgrounds in the company. We pay particular attention to major roles we play and learn from them. This course contains many exercises and delivers an individual and a group experience. Until now major companies like Raiffeisen, BRD, BNR, Nestlé, Heidi Chocolate, Kaufland, KPMG, EY and XXXLutz have offered this training to their personnel.

II. Public speaking: how to become a better communicator in business?

A specific field of personal development is communication. In our challenging business environment, communication skills become more and more important. How to become a better communicator? How can I communicate to my team in turbulent times, what to say, what not to say? How can I learn to be more confident while speaking with others or in front of a group? What are my personal blockages? How to find my own style to be authentic? How to react to critical questions from the audience? During the 2 day seminar we use video equipment to film exercises and thus to learn from constructive feedback. The facilitator creates a positive group atmosphere in which open feedback is possible. At the end of the training, everybody will get personalized recommendations for further improvements. A document will also be handed over to each participant containing major elements of the course and further recommendations. In the past years, this training was delivered to companies like Tchibo, Raiffeisen, Noerr, Uniqa or Kaufland.

III. Intercultural communication: how intercultural awareness increases work efficiency

Business is getting more and more global. Internationally active managers know that practices of business and leadership differ often from one country to another. If these differences are ignored, misunderstandings and even wrong decisions may be the result. Cultures have different life assumptions and behaviors which also manifest in the work place. This training program creates more self awareness of own conditionings (culture is also a conditioning). Participants will furthermore learn about the dimensions of cultural differences and integrate this knowledge into the day to day business, adopting a higher perspective of watching. This training was delivered recently to companies like UACE (American), Sennheiser (Austrian), Ameropa (Swiss) and Neviton (Indian).

IV. Other work

Linarson is also called in for customized courses and group work. This may be the development of a new strategy, a team building workshop, creativity, company and leadership values, or group work to accompany change processes inside the company. In many companies we accompany change processes, help to evolve mindsets and to overcome resistance.




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