Individual coaching

Coaching is assisting and supporting managers on their path of personal and professional development by using appropriate tools. A coach is a sparring partner who, with empathy, experience and sensing, invites the client to look at himself or his topics from different angles and to discover together new perspectives. Coaching is opening a space in which the client discovers that he always has choices in attitude and behavior. There is a path opening towards better mastery of all life and business situations.

Instead of criticizing others or complaining, we invite our clients to look into his/her own mirrors. Many of the challenges in the world “out there” have to do with ourselves, our perception and thinking. Clients may be amazed to realize that when they change, their environment also changes. Sometimes so-called problems then just vanish…A coaching process usually starts with the definition of objectives often discussed with the superior or the HR department. In order to attain the desired objectives, individual or group coaching usually spreads over a longer period of time (up to 12 sessions) with intervals of usually 2 weeks between sessions. The process closes with a de-briefing meeting with the superior to see what has been achieved. Coaching is also offered to small groups like a team or a complete Management Board.

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